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Travel to the intersection of music and marketing as Dr. David Allan connects with industry thought leaders to provide insights on the power of music and advertising, branding, health, politics, religion, sports, and more.

Episode 4

Episode 4 welcomes Steve Keller, Sonic Strategy Director at Studio Resonate (Sirius XM/Pandora/Stitcher).

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Episode 3

Episode 3 welcomes Julian Treasure, Chairman of The Sound Agency. Julian discusses how good sound is good business.

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Episode 2

Episode 2 welcomes Tim Ganss, the head of music intelligence at Spotify. Tim discusses Spotify for Brands, music consumption, the marketing...

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Episode 1

Episode 1 welcomes Dr. Daniel Levitin, author of the #1 best-seller This Is Your Brain on Music.  Dr. Levitin discusses everything...

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Show Host

David Allan Ph.D.

I think it was the Jaguar commercial with Sting’s “Desert Rose.” I know I have always liked the use of popular music in marketing, but that specific commercial aired at a time that I was making the transition from my radio career to my academic career that sent me upstream.

Since then, I have been researching and teaching Music Marketing. And now I am podcasting!

I am Dr. David Allan, professor of Marketing at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA. I have a BA in Communications from American University; an MBA in Marketing from St Joes; a Ph.D. in Mass Media & Communication from Temple University; and I am currently pursuing a Masters in Legal Studies in the Entertainment Law from USC. I have written two books (This Note’s for You on Business Experts Press and HitPlay) with another one on the way (Super Sonic Logos); three book chapters (Oxford Handbook of Music and Advertising (in press) Brick & Mortar, and Encyclopedia American Music and Culture); 6 music case studies (David Bowie, Pepsi, JT, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Coca-Cola); and multiple journal articles (Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Business Research & Journal of Advertising Research). Prior to academia I spent 20+ years in radio as a DJ in Oxford, Ohio (97X) then Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania as PD, OM, VP, VP/GM (Power 99FM), and SVP (Tak Communications, Evergreen Media, Chancellor Media and Clear Channel Communications, and iHeartmedia).

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