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David Allan Ph.D.

“Where it began I can’t begin to knowin’…..But then I know it’s growing strong.”
- Neil Diamond's “Sweet Caroline”

I think it was the Jaguar commercial with Sting’s “Desert Rose.” I know I have always liked the use of popular music in marketing, but that specific commercial aired at a time that I was making the transition from my radio career to my academic career that sent me upstream.

Since then, I have been researching and teaching Music Marketing. And now I am podcasting!

I am Dr. David Allan, professor of Marketing at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA. I have a BA in Communications from American University; an MBA in Marketing from St Joes; a Ph.D. in Mass Media & Communication from Temple University; and I am currently pursuing a Masters in Legal Studies in the Entertainment Law from USC. I have written two books (This Note’s for You on Business Experts Press and HitPlay) with another one on the way (Super Sonic Logos); three book chapters (Oxford Handbook of Music and Advertising (in press) Brick & Mortar, and Encyclopedia American Music and Culture); 6 music case studies (David Bowie, Pepsi, JT, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Coca-Cola); and multiple journal articles (Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Business Research & Journal of Advertising Research). Prior to academia I spent 20+ years in radio as a DJ in Oxford, Ohio (97X) then Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania as PD, OM, VP, VP/GM (Power 99FM), and SVP (Tak Communications, Evergreen Media, Chancellor Media and Clear Channel Communications, and iHeartmedia).