“Where it began I can’t begin to knowin’ …..But then I know it’s growing strong.”

Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline

I think it was the Jaguar commercial with Sting’s “Desert Rose.” I know I have always liked the use of popular music in marketing, but that specific commercial aired at a time that I was making the transition from my radio career to my academic career that sent me upstream. Since then, I have been researching and teaching Music Marketing. I found a small group of dedicated academics and a growing number of professionals who seem to love it too. What I didn’t find was one place, physical or virtual, for us all to meet. The academic conferences are only academics, and the professional conferences, such as the Billboard Music and Advertising Conference, invite only practicals. On the web, there are places to find the names of songs used in advertising (aka, Adtunes.com, etc.) and lyrics to check for the Brand names (aka, Songlyrics.com, etc.) but you can’t listen to the song or watch the commercial.

When doing my research I found that I was citing the same pioneers in the field repeatedly and thought it would be cool if I could bring them all together. When looking for books for my Music Marketing class, I would spend many hours (and dollars!) on Amazon looking for the latest. Then one day I thought…

“I am going to develop a website with it all! One stop shopping for academics and professionals to meet and exchange information! A place with everything that they both would want, but can’t find, in one location. But what to call it? I got it! Marketing Musicology because that’s what it is….the study of music and marketing.”

I hope you not only enjoy the site, but will participate in it!

Send all comments, questions, and thoughts to info@marketingmusicology.com.