By David Allan Ph.D.

ON SALE NOW! From Coca-Cola to Chrysler, this book takes you behind the curtain of some of the best popular music in advertising campaigns of all time. Did you know that fog played a critical role in the I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing campaign? And that the choir had no idea that Eminem was going to show up while they were taping the Lose Yourself campaign? Or that The Doors were supposed to be in the Cadillac commercials, not Led Zeppelin, until one of The Doors members discovered that Cadillac made the Escalade and suddenly declined because he felt it was environmentally unfriendly? This book talks to the people that created the campaigns with the songs we remember the most. Everything from Bob Seger’s “Like A Rock” in Chevy Trucks to Lady Gaga’s “Applause” and the dancing KIA hamsters. The result is a book for students to be educated and entertained on what made these campaigns excellent and how to make excellent campaigns. This collection of award-winning music in advertising campaigns is not available together anywhere else. It shows where this art in advertising form has been, where it is now, and helps the student to be a part of where it is still to go.

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Hit Play – Soundtracks and Playlists In Everyday Life

By David Allan Ph.D.

ON SALE NOW! Dick Clark is famous for saying that “music is the soundtrack to our lives” because everything that happens to us has been “scored” either by ourselves or someone else. It’s true. Music plays as time passes. It is clearly the soundtrack of our lives. The soundtrack of yesterday has become a playlist today, and playlists certainly are proliferating. This book looks at the progression from soundtracks to playlists. It looks at music in our daily lives most of which we now “score” ourselves. Our music libraries include songs from before we are born (Mozart effect) to after we are dead (Amazing Grace), with special occasions like birthdays, graduations, weddings, and anniversaries in between. This also gives voice to the role of music in sports, politics, religion, advertising, and the media (television and movies). It provides a little history, theory, and prospective to our soundtracks. Finally, true to its name, each chapter ends with a suggested playlist. Something to listen to while you read or to remember what you read after you’re done. So put on your headphones and hit play today!

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