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Popular music meets advertising meets Broadway ….fully integrated!

Posted December 28, 2012 by Dave Allan

What took Berry Gordy so long? It is way past halftime, almost the two minute warning….. Detroit is HIS town! Can’t wait for the musical….

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The Top 10 Workout Songs For October

Posted October 20, 2011 by Dave Allan

The Top 10 Workout Songs For October By: Chris Lawhorn Fort Wayne, IN – October 16, 2011 – This month’s list brings two questions to mind: #1.  For how many consecutive months will David Guetta turn up in these top 10 lists?  (His new track with Usher made the cut–and he just barely missed making […]

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An Essay on Popular Music in Advertising: The Bankruptcy of Culture or the Marriage of Art and Commerce?

Posted September 12, 2011 by Dave Allan

This essay examines the union of popular music and advertising. The commercial use of popular music has inspired opposing opinions. It has been termed a “bankruptcy of culture” as well as a “perfect marriage of art and commerce.

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Dave Allan

A Content Analysis of Music Placement in Prime-Time Television Advertising

Posted September 15, 2011 by Dave Allan

Abstract Music is very popular in advertising. You can hear as much music in commercials as you can on some commercial radio stations. This research analyzed 3,456 prime-time television commercials to not only quantify, but qualify the placement of music in advertising. Overall, 94 percent of the total advertisements (3,456) and 86 percent of the […]

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No music at Knicks games? Why go?

Posted March 10, 2017 by Dave Allan

Popular music and sports have enjoyed a long career together. Why call time out now? Read more

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