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September 15, 2011

Effects of Popular Music in Advertising on Attention and Memory

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This study examines the effects of popular music in advertising to determine both the theoretical (the effect of popular music on the processing of advertising messages) and practical (the design of more effective advertisements using popular music) implications. An experiment is reported that tested the effects of three integrations of popular music in advertising: original lyrics, altered lyrics, and instrumentals (plus a control treatment with no music) on attention and memory. The results indicated that song vocals, either original or altered, are more effective stimuli of advertising effects than instrumentals or no popular music.




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Hit Play – Soundtracks and Playlists In Everyday Life

Available Now! Purchase Hit Play – Soundtracks and Playlists In Everyday Life By David Allan Ph.D.

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  1. Jay

    In my opinion Japan makes most of the wesrdeit commercials. Is it because it’s a cultural thing, or perhaps it’s another thing? Apologies for not staying on topic, I’m not trying to take away from a well done post!

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